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UZER awarded as the best UX Consulting and Design Agency in Latin America for the second consecutive year.

The renowned B2B technology provider evaluator, CLUTCH, based in Washington D.C, USA, presented the “Clutch Leader Awards,” recognizing the top technology service providers on the continent based on success stories and verified testimonials. UZER has been honored for the second consecutive year as the #1 UX Consulting and Design Agency in Latin America.

This significant recognition marks the second consecutive year that UZER has received this award, solidifying its position as the leading agency in UX consulting and design for products and services, as evidenced by the UX Leaders Matrix in Latin America.

According to Carlos Andrés Torres, Director of Innovation Projects, “The fundamental factor behind the sustained success of the projects we undertake at UZER is our passion for UX and our recognition of the human needs behind any digital platform and business model. Our collaborative and customer-centric culture ensures that each project is driven by a deep understanding of their needs and motivations, helping to build successful products and services for their users.”

UZER has become the Latin American benchmark for user research, usability studies, UX/UI consulting, and design projects across various sectors in recent years. This is attributed to its expertise in UX and the use of innovative methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agile frameworks. Through the execution of projects and the provision of highly experienced professional resources, UZER has established itself as a leader. With its main headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, the agency has served clients in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, the USA, Spain, England, and the Netherlands, and continues to expand its reach delivering exceptional user-focused solutions.

According to Victoria Ducuara, Director of UX & Research at UZER, “It is precisely thanks to our clients and their users that we are recognized with this award today. This helps us reaffirm our commitment to raising the standards of the user experience (UX) industry across all sectors. We approach it with a focus on innovation, creativity, accessibility, and empathy for our differences, diversity, and needs as users.”

Partnering with UZER, an expert, specialized, and renowned agency, significantly increases the likelihood of success for a product in the market, as demonstrated by worldwide studies and their numerous success stories of its clients.

Here’s what some clients have had to say about UZER:

“It was like they knew our business even better than we did.”

Marlon Hurtado | IT Director, Corparques, Mundo Aventura, Colombia.

“They were like a part of our team; their skills plugged into our processes amazingly.”

Ignacio Alvarez
| CEO | VentasPop, Argentina.

“What we found most impressive and unique about UZER was its processes and methodology for identifying valuable user insights to develop an amazing web solution.”

Laura García Peláez | Director of Strategy and Relations, Cidei, Colombia.


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