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Why investing in UX / UI and User Innovation is of high importance for any digital product?

Why investing in UX / UI and User Innovation is of high importance for any digital product?

 When you have or want to create a digital product many people and companies tend to believe that looking for a developer or graphic design agency is the first step they should take, and often there is where a cost overrun and even premature failure of the project happens, because they do not clearly recognize the user’s vision created from the analysis of their digital behavior and what they expect from the experience, meaning not thinking user-centric, which is a mistake that can cost a lot of money in the future and even lead the product to fail in the market.

Investing in user research and strategic design of user-centric products and services is key to success in a digital business. Applying a User Experience (UX) approach and translating it into a User Centered Interface (UI) Design with experts on the subject can cost extra money. However, the UX/UI more than an investment, is a magic recipe to create invaluable added value for the digital business due to a lot of benefits that we will show you below:

The product will be more competitive and have fewer risks.

When a product that has been designed through user-centric UX/UI analytics is launched and tested with them before moving on to future phases, it ensures that users understand and appreciate it, this makes the product, when it comes to the real market, have a much higher probability of success, that the brand’s reputation grows and that the service offered is demanded much more.

To ensure that the products are competitive there are different UX/UI Research techniques, useful to get to know the user well and the expected experience. An effective analysis will provide us with important information about it and allow us to detect its strengths and weaknesses, as well as deepen opportunities and threats. In this way, we will have all the information necessary to satisfy our users better than the competition, attract and retain them, thus reducing a lot of risks.

Betting on user-focused design through UX/UI reduces product costs.

Investing in UX for some might seem like an unnecessary upfront cost with no tangible return, but it will actually save a lot of money in the long run and greatly increase the likelihood of product success. According to studies conducted by a prestigious software engineering study led by Robert Pressman, it was discovered that for every dollar that costs to solve a problem detected next to the user during the UX/UI design phase, the over cost that can be generated for doing so at a later stage can vary between $10 and $100, when it is released and real users experience the failure in the experience.

Customer satisfaction increases sales.

The happier the user is, the more likely they are to make the purchase.

Investing in the user experience helps eliminate any possible confusion or inconvenience that, in your browsing process, you can avoid completing a purchase, use, transaction, registration or conversion goal for which the product has been focused. Improving the user experience with usability testing at the UX/UI design stage greatly reduces customer confusion and frustration. By reducing it, and achieving a more enjoyable shopping experience, it ultimately increases conversion to business goals. These results can be measured by comparing before and after through metrics, such as average per-user revenue (ARPU) or conversion rate.

According to Forbes, a Forrester Research study says a good UX could lead to an increase in conversion rates of up to 400%.

Equipment productivity is increasing.

Investing in UX is also a great way to save employees valuable time. According to studies, they point out that 50% of programmer time during IT projects is spent doing avoidable work and that up to 15% of IT projects are abandoned. Investing in UX from the start minimizes unnecessary work, leaving employees free to spend their time on other projects important to the business. Careful planning from the UX/UI helps ensure through the user testing phases that this phase of the project has user validations that will help make the project effective and developments target important functionalities. In the end, not having to go back to make avoidable adjustments and changes will make everyone more productive.

Other benefits:

  • Improved brand value.
  • Business growth and improvement.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Faster sales conversion.
  • 100% satisfaction while browsing

Clearly understand why customers need their digital product, work for business and audience, provide brands with the logic and pathways to an optimized user experience. Companies now have the opportunity to impact their business more effectively by implementing specific strategies across their market and digital ecosystem.

As an agency specializing in UX/UI and user innovation, at UZER, our focus is to provide integrated and comprehensive digital experiences, through our User Research, UX/UI design, CX strategy, User Testing or usability test and digital strategy services we manage to create products prepared for market success.

Now that you know the high importance of investing in UX/UI for your digital product, feel free to contact us and tell us about your project

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